Debunking Joe Biden’s lies on Coronavirus.

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Debunking Joe Biden’s lies on Coronavirus.

On Jan 27, Trump said this was a dangerous disease
He set up a public emergency health fund and set up a emergency pandemic panel of advisers.
On Jan 31 Trump Bans Flights from china (Biden calls Trump a fear mongering xenophobic)

On Jan 30th Zeke Emanuel (Biden Healthcare Advisor) Said Stop panicking over coronavirus it is not a serious threat to America (this was in response to Trumps China ban)

On the 6th of Feb, Biden Advisor Erwin Redlenter: “The chance that this Virus is gonna be serious is not very likely. (we are facing a Trump fear epidemic)

On the 11th and 13th Biden Adviser Ron Klane said:”this is not a serious threat, we don’t face a health epidemic we face a fear epidemic from Trump!”

On Jan 20th Zeke Emanuel said: “this is all an overreaction by the Trump admin!”

This is when Pelosi said come to china-town, don’t be xenophobic on the 23rd

On the 24th Biden’s top advisor Zeke Emanuel said: ‘don’t wear a mask it’s not gonna do any good, Fauci said the same.”

On 3/12 Lisa Monaco a top adviser of Joe Biden: “Said we don’t need to put a ban on Europe Trump is pandering in fear!”

At no time did the Joe Biden say to wear a mask, Social distance, ban flights from Europe or China or to use the defense production act.

He fought against it every step of the way.



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