Dec. 2017 – ‘Really Bad Facts’ Emerging About DOJ, FBI, Was He Right – Next US AG?

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by Thinker

Rep. Trey Gowdy: ‘Really bad facts’ emerging about DOJ, FBI, and now most Americans know the “TRUTH” and Gowdy was right.

Trey Gowdy one of the best politicians on Capital Hill exposed corruption as soon as he got there in 2011 with the Eric Holder “Fast & Furious” and has yet to see justice being served until Donald Trump took office. There isn’t any other man or woman who could fill the shoes of the U.S. Attorney General, like Trey Gowdy. A man who isn’t choosing sides when it comes to justice and one Trump could trust!!! The best of one of America’s finest, that should be a household name…South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy!!!

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If your and American, love your country, and don’t know Trey Gowdy…know a man whose got “YOUR” back and loves his country!!! Write to your president not to let Trey Gowdy leave…who will be there for “YOU???”


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