Bavarian Elections: Merkel’s Political Allies Collapse while Nationalist Right Surges

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by Thinker

Energy is pouring onto the planet, and the people are waking up all around the world during the most important elections of all time. Corporate ownership of nations is sinking with the politicians who were part of the revolving door, are on their way out. Where else in the world will the next big upset come from. Since this is news that your not supposed to hear, your sound may be off, but caption works…good news!!!

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Here’s why the CSU has fallen the AfD is rising!!!

WORLD WAKING UP TO THE “nwo” crimes against humanity…

Germany RISING: Why Angela Merkel Is TERRIFIED Of Losing Power

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With nationalism on the rise in Germany and traditional political parties in freefall, the childless chancellor Angela Merkel knows that her time is about to be up. This video focuses on recent events in Eastern Germany & the uptick in AfD’s polling. What might happen in 2021’s elections may surprise you.


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