Deep State Connections Going Back to Hitler – Trey Gowdy Educates Americans on Law

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by Thinker

While most Americans thought they had elected to the wrong president Donald Trump, others have felt empowered to stand up and tell the truth after keeping secrets for so long. There is a vibrational change that is changing the hearts and minds of the masses. Corruption, fraud, lies, and more than many want to talk about coming from the organizations that are supposed to prevent such things. CIA, FBI, NSA all being implemented on spying on the president that everyone knows wasn’t the chosen one. Trump was in the race to be the joker and the one many who had their chickens counted before they hatched thought could never win.

Now the witch hunt an coup against President Trump is backfiring and generating more truth exposing more corruption. The Peoples Politician Trey Gowdy is leaving Washington breaking records for exposing the most corruption and fraud in the history of the U.S. government in such a short time, and the failure of those placed to prosecute and looked the other way letting the deep state roll on. Christopher Stevens, an Ambassador was abandoned by his country and died along with other members of Armed Forces that could have been saved.

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Gowdy’s & Tim Scott’s NEW BOOK SPEAKS FOR WHAT AMERICA LACKS, BUT CAN GET “UNIFIED” Deep State Connections Going Back to Hitler – Trey Gowdy Educates Americans on Law

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Well, whose having the last laugh? Not the deep state that forgot that their is a higher power over all things that has been forgotten. THEIR BACK!

Deep State Whistleblowers Form Group to Support President Trump

Former members of the deep state form a new group dedicated to exposing illegal surveillance by government agencies. One America’s Neil McCabe has more from Washington.

CIA Black Ops Speaks Out: Trump Is Under Deep State Attack, He Must Fight Or Die

r. Steve Pieczenik joins Alex Jones and discusses how the deep state is attacking Trump with everything they have, trying to destroy him.


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