Deep State Pan African Parliament President Under Fire – New world order Collapse?

by Thinker

The history of most Africans in positions of dictator political roles, shows the truth about who put them there. History of Africa explains why after centuries African life hasn’t changed much in the way of being robbed of their riches and living in ditches. Why are there million dollar homes in African nations that non-profits are asking the world to feed? Why is it in all these nations of starvation, there are oil wells and mineral mines everywhere generating millions, yet the people are living in poverty? Those who could have made a difference aren’t due to greed and the lifestyle they want to maintain. How many African nations are run by past members of the military industrial complex? What has been their reward for their duty?

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History is exposing those at the very top who have used the poorest of the world for their own self gain. The Creator is now showing that it is time for us all to reap what we have sown. What have you given? Are you ready for it to be returned ten fold? Some are, and there are many who aren’t.

Pan African Parliament President Roger Nkodo Dang is under fire.

Accusations of corruption and nepotism detailed in a damning document have been circulated to members in Midrand. New Pan African Parliament member Chief Mandla Mandela says Nkodo Dang and candidates from regions that have already held the position of President, should withdraw from the race and give others a chance.

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Just like in the United States, there is a division in leadership, integrity, and truth from officials in high places. Deep state politicians are being outed in Africa along with questionable elections. Nkodo Dang re-elected Pan-African Parliament president


EFF Julius Malema: We need young people in Pan African Parliament not Old Age.

Is Africa getting complacent with corruption?

Transparency International released the global corruption index that saw the some of the most corrupt nations being African. KTN’s JoyDoreen Biira spoke to Prof. James Kombo, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, Daystar University, Nairobi Kenya on the rising corruption among religious bodies in Africa.


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