Deep State US Marshals Used to Illegally Enter Private Property for Gang Stalkers?

by Thinker

Never in the history of any law enforcement, have I seen so many private vehicles without any attachment to government being used. Never seen an invasion of someones property where the gates are run down by private vehicles and not law enforcement. Never have I seen some one wearing sneakers in a situation as the one in the video, who doesn’t know what is coming. When the victim goes out to the road, you can see nothing but what seems to be a private militia intimidating the owner. What is the story behind a search that is filled with jean and sneaker wearing men?

Nothing seems right about an invasion of the property of an American citizen, but private citizens who didn’t bother to change into clothing and shoes to even look official. Waiting for the rest of this story to learn the truth. We must all remember that the Creator sees all we do and will make sure that our actions return to me and you. Give that which you want back tenfold and do what is right in your heart. How many private vehicles do American taxpayers buy for invasions of homes for whatever? How much did everyone get paid to do what you see in the video below? Where are the uniforms? Was it legal? Were they human? Take a good look at the young man wearing his everyday clothes who is outside the gate with all the private cars…is he human or is he shapeliness from excitement? Disclosure of the non humans who work side by side with humans is important for Americans to know. Will it happen under the Trump administration that previous administrations have been rewarded to conceal? Will Trump really change events like the one you see in the video below? Will those in positions of power and trust have to be held accountable for their actions?

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Live Footage Police Shapeshifting!

Police came into the coffee shop to remove a person who was ranting loudly disturbing the peace. I started recording but nothing interesting happened, until I examined the footage frame-by-frame. Besides myself this was the most interesting shapeshifting I captured live rather than taken from movies or television, and proves the phenomena is real.

Multi-Alien Witness Tall Whites, Arcturians, Reptilian Steven Greer Shapeshifts!

Multiple alien contactee Jan Brennan tells Richard Bruce about her encounter with the tall white type aliens, the Arcturian aliens, and says Dr. Steven Greer shapeshifted into a reptile in front of her! and read her mind! Look up in the clear night sky and you’ll see the ships passing by and in the day you can’t see they are closer than they should be. Close your eyes, so you can see what is beyond dimension three. The first video at the top discloses that humans are not alone, and now is the time for the truth. As an investigative journalist, I’ve seen the nonhuman shapeshifters and some are good and others are evil. Don’t you think you have a right to know? What past presidents and their administrations of hybrids and beings that aren’t human. It’s these documents that are being kept from Trump, because he was considered like the rest of Americans. Truth is change and now is the time. There are angels and the council of the Creator who are of all life forms that are watching who wants to rebuild in unity and love, and who wants to destroy with hate and destruction. Actions exposing the good and evil.


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