Defanged Warriors, Dumbed Down Children, Deep State Death Grip, and Panopticon Prisons – America in 2022

by griever

The corruption meter in America has been going bezerk for years now. Let’s examine the state of play:

Remember when Chuck told that forked tongued MSNBC host that if you anger the (deep state) intelligence agencies they have six ways from Sunday to get back at you:

I remember when we used to laugh about banana republics. Now the joke is on US. And to make sure we’re kept in line and the corrupt status quo is maintained, our own technology appears to be spying on us like the Stasi of old:

They’re building up the walls of our panopticon prison with every lie they tell. When you think of any reported death from COVID, for instance, think, “lie being wielded by the deep state to further imprison, surveil, and lock down, while gaining a better death grip on the world”:

In addition, to further the no and destruction – so they may rebuild the world as they see fit – the elites are funneling money through the UN to flood the first world with unskilled and unscrupulous men from the third world. Ordo Ab Chao, order out of chaos – it’s closer than you may think:

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Here these illegal immigrants are, merily walking around the unfinished border wall, stepping on the ‘No Trespassing’ sign, and boarding a tax payer supplied bus into the interior of America:

Now of course they don’t want you talking about any of the above or pointing it out, so free speech just has to go:

They know many of us are catching on to the fact that they emperor has no clothes, and they certainly don’t want us to strike back, so they are gutting our armed forces. Chinese and Russian militaries are sleeping a little more soundly knowing our armed forces are getting progressively more emasculated. Safe spaces and proper pronouns for our battle hardened warfighters? Indeed:

Defanging our warriors, dumbing down, confusing, and sexualizing our children while attacking and outlawing masculinity are all tactics employed by communitists to ensure a quick route of a people into total slavery. What you’re witnessing on American soil right now is exactly that in action. Here is how far to the authoritarian left the elites have been trying to drag the country:

Time for a laugh. Let’s have an argument shall we?


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