Defeated Democrats Have New Excuse: Electoral College Is Racist

by Amna El Tawil
Throughout the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton claimed she would accept the results. Well, that was probably because she thought she’d win so felt that saying that would make her seem a better person. The election day came along, she lost, big time, and guess what, neither she nor her supporters accepted those results. They pushed for the recount in a few states that only showed Donald Trump was undercounted. Then, they tried to blame the loss on Russia and cyber attacks. FBI, CIA, were also blamed. But wait, that’s not all; they also blamed the Electoral College and branded them, racists.

Hillary Clinton wanted to make history this time, and SHE DID. She became the fifth candidate to lose an election by being defeated in the Electoral College, despite winning the popular vote. In the 240-year history, that’s a rare occurrence. Congratulations, Hillary! However, her supporters threw a major tantrum.
After all, all the media said she would win, precious Obama said Hillary is the most qualified candidate so her victory is logical, Clinton also won the popular vote. So, how come she’s not the incoming president of the United States? Newsflash! It’s because things don’t work like that! The Electoral College exists for a reason and in more than 200 years, their votes didn’t cause such a hysteria like they did in 2016.
According to Hillary Clinton’s supporters, electors voted for Trump because they’re racist! It all started in November on Slate which published an article called The Electoral College Is an Instrument of White Supremacy—and Sexism. The author of the article, Mark Joseph Stern, claims that “the Electoral College is one of the structures that is, from the roots up, fundamentally complicit in the suppression of minority rights.”
Stern also alleges “Most of us are taught that the Electoral College was designed to dilute democracy by forcing voters to choose independent electors, who then chose a president. That is true, but it’s only part of the story. The system was also designed to accommodate and preserve slavery, the ultimate tool of white supremacy—and later served to delay universal women’s suffrage. Today, that first justification is irrelevant, since electors are generally no longer independent. But the second remains all too relevant, because, in its current form, the Electoral College continues to dilute the votes of minority voters.”
And of course, he calls for the abolition of the Electoral College, something that exists in the US for more than two centuries: “States are a collection of human people, not electors, and the president they choose represents all of them. Abolishing the Electoral College would be a good way to recognize this basic fact of a modern constitutional democracy.”
Stern isn’t the only butthurt Clinton supporter who lives in a fantasy land where all things are only black and white without any hue in between. After the Electoral College once again confirmed Trump’s victory, they’re branded racists.
Just a few hours after Trump topped the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted: “Hello rest of the world! My fellow Americans are asleep right now so I thought we could talk and maybe explain what happened yesterday.” He also added: “Yes, it is ironic that this racist idea, the Electoral College, 225 years later ended up benefiting the candidate who spewed racism hate.”


The New York Times claims the Electoral College “is more than just a vestige of the founding era; it is a living symbol of America’s original sin.”
However, Hans von Spakovsky, a conservative scholar of election law at the Heritage Foundation, told the Washington Examiner:The whole point of the Electoral College was an effort by the founders to balance large states versus small states because of the fact that we are a federal republic. They were afraid that if the president were elected simply by the national popular vote, then candidates would simply go to the big urban areas and ignore the more rural parts of the country. Latching onto this claim, that ‘Oh it must be racism,’ is just ridiculous. All you have to do is look at a map that breaks down the entire country by counties and you can see that Donald Trump’s support was countrywide whereas Hillary Clinton’s support was in very narrow geographical areas of the country.”