Defense Department Whistleblower Reveals FBI’s Russia Probe As The Big Setup That It Was

By Bob Shanahan


On Tuesday, Senior Justice Department official, Bruce Ohr, testified on Capitol Hill. During this closed-door session, Ohr revealed that prior to getting the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant on Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page, the FBI was wholly aware that the fake anti-Trump dossier author, Christopher Steele, was biased against the transformational Republican candidate for president.


Ohr also divulged that the FBI knew about his wife, Nellie Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS, the research firm hired by the Clinton campaign (AKA the Democratic National Committee) to put together the ridiculous but ultimately effective dossier with Mr. Steele. During his hours-long testimony to members of Congress, Ohr stated that the FBI failed to disclose the true source of the dossier, blatantly misleading the court in an obvious move to hide the authors’ political motivations. This allowed the FBI the ability to spy on and wiretap the Trump campaign.


Superiors at the Justice Department were not aware of Ohr being used as a source for the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign. Ohr was regularly in contact with senior members of the FBI, including our well-known Deep State anti-Trumpers, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI attorney Lisa Page, and former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok.


“When it comes to the dossier, the hours of testimony from Bruce Ohr only further confirm how wrong the FBI operated,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told



The FBI has ruined its reputation over the last two years with its inherent bias against now President Donald Trump. They have become a politicized tool for the political establishment and worked hand in hand with the Democrats to tarnish Trump’s credibility and cast a shadow over his monumental election. The plotting and scheming performed by Ohr, McCabe, Strzok, and others show the great lengths these morally bankrupt human beings will go to destroy the Donald.


The FBI’s Russia probe into Trump and the creation of the Mueller special counsel was all a setup.


A former Defense Department analyst turned whistleblower, Adam Lovinger, is fighting to save his career at the moment. The Pentagon first suspended his security clearance in May 2017 after he exposed the spy in the Trump campaign, Stefan Halper. An emeritus Cambridge professor, Halper had received $1 million in taxpayer-funded money to write Defense Department foreign policy reports, and Lovinger exposed him for the crook he really is.


But the Deep State defends its own and brutally goes after anyone who tries to upset the apple cart.


Lovinger’s security clearance was revoked in March of this year even though the Pentagon refused “to turn over a single page of its purported evidence of Lovinger’s wrongdoing,” Sean Bigley, Lovinger’s attorney, told Sara Carter. Judicial Watch just filed a lawsuit against the Defense Department to obtain these withheld records.


Halper appears to have worked with the CIA in its operation to spy on and frame Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign for some kind of collusion with Russia. Halper also assisted the FBI in its Russian investigation despite the fact that he has his own ties to the Russian government and sources tied directly to President Putin.



“When Mr. Lovinger raised concerns about DoD’s misuse of Stefan Halper in 2016, he did so without any political designs or knowledge of Mr. Halper’s spying activities,” Bigley said. “Instead, Mr. Lovinger simply did what all Americans should expect of our civil servants: he reported violations of law and a gross waste of public funds to his superiors.” Well, when you do what is right, you’ll get big brother to lay the smack down on you hard.

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The retaliation was swift. Leaks from the Defense Department with false and defamatory information was leaked to the press. Bigley’s assumption is that a close confidant of Hillary Clinton’s, another contractor Lovinger raised concerns about, was the reason for the all out blitz on the whistleblower. But it was more than that. Lovinger shined a bright light on the Deep State and one of its nuclear weapons, Mr. Halper. Threatening to expose the concocted Trump-Russia collusion narrative was something these power hungry government officials could not have. So, they set out to destroy Lovinger.


“It was all a setup,” Bigley claims about the FBI probe into Trump.


Halper became a secret weapon for the FBI against the Trump campaign in 2016. At some point during his academic career, Halper made the transition from professor to FBI informant. In July 2016, Halper made contact with the short-term Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page, who was already being looked at by the FBI for being sympathetic to Russia. How dare someone want warmer relations between the U.S. and Russia!


At the end of July during the campaign, the FBI obtained a FISA warrant to spy on Page while using Halper to collect additional information on him. The main source for this warrant being granted was the phony dossier concocted by Steele, Clinton, and the DNC.


In September 2016, Halper also connected with George Papadopoulos, another volunteer for the Trump campaign. After Papadopoulos was put under the Mueller microscope, he was pressured into pleading guilty of lying to the FBI. Papadopoulos’s wife, Simona, claims that her husband was coerced into pleading guilty due to threats from Mueller’s team and a lack of money to defend himself.


Even before Page and Papadopolous, Halper set his sights on the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and national security adviser to President Trump, Gen. Michael Flynn. Halper invited Flynn to Cambridge in February 2014 for a dinner he hosted to kick off his intelligence gathering on the Obama/CIA/Defense Department cabal’s number one target. During this time, Flynn was under assault from the feckless Obama administration and Obama’s CIA, over a disagreement about the false narrative that al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups had been defeated or were on the run. Flynn was forced to resign later on and the Islamic State formed a caliphate spanning Iraq and Syria.


With Flynn at Trump’s side in 2017, the Deep State did what it always does and went after them with its vast resources and enormous pressure. Flynn was famously forced to resign as Trump’s national security adviser only 27 days after taking the job. Even former FBI Director James Comey says that the agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe he was lying when discussing a classified conversation with Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak (which was shamelessly leaked to The Washington Post). Sadly, Flynn was forced to plead guilty to lying to Mueller’s Special Counsel after having spent more than $1 million in attorneys fees defending himself.


All of this of course was painted by the enemy of the people in the media and the socialists in the Democratic Party as chaos in the White House! When in reality, it was the unelected big government bureaucrats doing whatever they could to vanquish new threats to their power and keep the Russian collusion narrative alive no matter whose careers are ruined in the process.


On Wednesday, President Trump went after Bruce Ohr via Twitter, asking, “How the hell is Bruce Ohr still employed at the Justice Department? Disgraceful! Witch Hunt!”


That’s a great question, Mr. President.


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