Definition of Socialism & Communism

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by Chris Black

People claim that socialism is defined as “workers controlling the means of production” or “collective ownership.” This is not true. “The workers” have never controlled any socialist state or owned the “means of production.” Everything is controlled by an oligarchic bureaucracy, usually consisting of a cabal of intellectuals, social outcasts and freaks (usually from the upper-middle class), underclass criminals (“lumpenproles”), businessmen, etc. Everyone except for the actual working-class.

The defining characteristics of all forms of Socialism are a centralized technocracy combined with slave moralist social values, specifically “equality” and “social justice,” which manifest in policies like feminism, anti-racism, wealth redistribution, and so on. These have been the defining features of Socialism since the earliest forms, e.g. Saint Simonianism. It’s important to note that Socialism is not just an economic system but an all-encompassing system of (cancerous) values.

In practical reality, there is no difference between Socialism and Communism. However, in Communist fantasy land, “Communism” is the utopian end-stage of their ideology, which will be achieved by creating a Socialist world government. After successfully implementing said government, “The State” will magically “wither away” after an arbitrary amount of time, resulting in global anarchism, whereby everyone in the world collectively owns/shares everything that exists. No government, no countries, no property, no money, no families, no religion, no race or nations, and so on. Communists claim that ideologically Communist countries aren’t “real Communism” because this un-implementable utopia has never been realized.

99% of Socialists today are some form of Communist, which means that they believe in the utterly insane fever dream outlined above. The terms “Marxism” and “Communism” are interchangeable. Commies pretentiously claim that Marxism is the theory and Communism is the practical implementation but it really doesn’t matter.

Two important developments in Communist ideology were Lenin and Mao’s introduction of “anti-imperialism” and “Third Worldism,” which boil down to destroying White civilization worldwide (e.g. CCP/USSR destroying White South African countries). Leninism and Maoism informed the theoretical framework of modern anti-White ideology, manifesting in Critical Race Theory. However, being an anti-racist libtard has been part of Socialist ideology from the beginning and is by no means unique to Communists.

Note: I don’t include Socialist Anarchists in this definition because they are politically irrelevant LARPers with no practical way to impose and uphold their ideology.

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