Defund the BBC:

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James Yucel, Director of the Defund the BBC Campaign speaks to talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton about his newly launched campaign. He told Dan the campaign was started out of frustration and “completely on a whim”, saying the sole aim of the campaign is to “ultimately scrap the BBC licence fee”.

He told Dan “I’ve got many kinds of messages from strangers, telling me to keep up the good work” but he added that he had received a number of nasty messages as well, however “most of which were actually ridiculously amusing.”

Another of his concerns about the occasions where the BBC has reportedly introduced “doctors, teachers and nurses” whilst failing to declare affiliations to groups such as Momentum.

With nearly 50,000 supporters signed up already, the young campaigner who is a university student in Glasgow has already made waves in the media landscape.

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