Deja Vu: Chinese Shipping Port Closes, Media Says Covid Is on the Rise…You KNOW What Comes Next

by Daisy Luther

Author of Be Ready for Anything and Build a Better Pantry on a Budget online course.

The Ningbo-Zhoushan port in China shut down a key terminal due to a worker testing positive for Covid-19. In an interview, Dawn Tiura, CEO of Sourcing Industry Group, told CNBC that this would have “severe” consequences for the global supply chain.

The TL;dr (too long didn’t read) version of this article: Things are about to get worse. Much worse.

Now for the more extended version.

We already face shortages that nobody official wants to admit.

Most readers have already seen the writing on the wall, with stores spacing out their shelves and racks in an effort to hide the shortage of merchandise. If you’ve tried to order furniture or appliances recently, you may have discovered that it’s taking months for your order to be fulfilled – if you receive it at all. Anecdotally, people have talked about placing orders from Amazon only to have them unceremoniously canceled. Why? Because the product is not available and they don’t know when it will be.

Don’t forget the struggling farmers in America, who are facing drought, wildfires, and disease, as well as foreign entities buying up our farmland and food processing plants.

Now add the closure of this port to our already incredibly shaky supply chain. If things go as usual, we won’t be directly affected by this for a few weeks.


If there’s a lockdown, there will be no way to hide the shortages.

If there is another lockdown announcement – and I think there will be – unprepared people will descend on the stores like a horde of locusts, buying up everything they can. Does that sound familiar? It should because it mirrors almost precisely what happened a year ago last spring when we went into a “two-week” lockdown and the shelves were swept bare.

Interestingly, at the same time that happened, preppers and “hoarders” faced blame for the shortages as the government pleaded with people just to get enough for a week, so there was plenty for everyone.

However, the Port of Los Angeles was a ghost town. Why? Because we weren’t getting shipments from China.

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Deja vu, indeed.

We have yet to recover from the first shortage. A second wave of shortages will drive up prices and, because this isn’t our first rodeo, cause mass panic.

You need to get your supplies NOW.

I don’t know how to make it any more clear. Many of us have already discussed bare spots and skyrocketing prices on certain items. If you intend to stock up, you need to do it now. Right now. You may not get another chance.

  • Get some buckets before they run out: Right now, Legacy Food still has things in stock without a waiting list. If you can afford it, I strongly suggest that you grab some supplies from them, like this Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner BucketI assure you, all of these food bucket places will run out soon, and you could find yourself waiting for months.
  • Hit your local bargain grocery store: This might be an outlet, Big Lots, the dollar store, Aldi’s, Lidl, Food Lion – whatever the cheapest place around is, head there. Get as much as you can in the way of canned goods, pasta, rice, dried beans, baking supplies (don’t forget yeast), and other shelf-stable items.
  • Get backup computer supplies: Everyone began working from home last year, and kids started distance learning. There was a run on supplies. You couldn’t get a webcam for love or money. New, reasonably priced computers were nearly impossible to find. Try to be proactive and think about microphones, webcams, extra charges and cords, and computers. If you need something, you should get it now because most of these components come from China.
  • Think about other things that you use: batteries, pet food, medications, health and beauty aids, hygiene supplies, bleach wipes, hand sanitizer – you get the idea. Do your best to stock up as much as you can. And for heaven’s sake, get toilet paper.

Prep your home for civil unrest.

Improve your home security: I wrote an article about getting your home prepped quickly for civil unrest here, and I highly recommend the products over at the Home Security Superstore. They have self-defense items; security items like alarms, locks, lighting, and safes; personal safety items, and much more. Why am I recommending you beef up your security? People are already reporting that they’re stealing food to survive. What do you think will happen as things get worse?

There is no time to lose. I very rarely write something with this level of urgency. I’m telling you right now – if you don’t go soon, there will be little left to choose from, and it will be far higher in price.

This is like an instant replay of 2020 but sprayed with jet fuel.

If this looks familiar, it’s because it is. It’s nearly identical to what happened before. Now pile on top of that more than a year of stress and anxiety, loss, financial problems, and media-driven and politically instigated divisiveness. We’re being encouraged to hate and fear one another, blame each other, and react to extremes. It’s like spraying the fire with jet fuel.

Americans have had enough, no matter what their political affiliation. Nearly everybody is ticked off at somebody. But as Selco warned us, now is not the time to focus on that. We are still in the early stages of our SHTF, even though it feels like it’s gone on forever.

You need to focus right now on what you can do. Not on who is right and who is wrong or whether the vax be mandated or not. Not on the school system, the national debt, or the politician you love or hate. None of these are things you can change.

But you can change your personal circumstances. You can focus on the basics of survivallearn skills, and stock up while you still can. If money is tight, then focus on skills – particularly the acquisition and production of food. You can do this, but you need to do it now.

What do you think?

Does this situation seem familiar to you? Do you feel another phase of our slow-burning crisis is looming? Are you adding anything to your supplies? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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