Delta Airlines to Fine Unvaxxed Employees $200/month

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by Chris Black

It puts the needle through the skin or it gets the fee again. 

When is the Supreme Court going to put a stop to all the discrimination against those who choose not to take EXPERIMENTAL medicines?

The short answer is: never, because “muh private companies” libertarian dogma. You and your families have all been sold to the highest bidder for medical experiments.  

Remember, if you aren’t already dying from four or more things already, your chances of surviving supposed Covid-19 is 99.7%.

If you are under the age of 40, you have a better chance at being killed by a lightning strike than die from supposed Covid-19.

Why does anyone ever need to be vaccinated if there is practically no chance of death? You actually have a greater chance of dying from a bacterial or fungal infection from wearing a mask all day, than dying of supposed Covid-19.

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For anyone that isn’t already dying, the vaccine has a higher incidence of death or permanent injury than Covid-19.

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What stands in the way of these facts, is the irrational fear the media has beat people with for a year and a half. The media got moronic people to put two masks on while driving their car alone, with the windows up. These people believe that not doing so means instant death. 

For over a year it has been all Covid all the time and the instant death sentence being infected carries. When asked, most people believe that the hospitalization rate for Covid is over 50%. They can’t comprehend the reality that it is actually less than 3% and that 99% of that 3% are already dying.

Go watch the movie Kingsman. The plot was that all the elites were given the antidote to a device, that when turned on, would get everyone else in the world to kill each other, leaving only the elite to inhabit the planet.

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Because, in their twisted sick mind, humans are a virus that infected Mother Earth and gave her a fever. The only way to cure the disease, is to eliminate the virus (that would be you).

In the movie, the good guys flip it over and cause the devices to kill all the elites, taking care of all the bad guys.

Movies like this one, among many others, are the rules of the game. They must tell you what they are planning. If you do nothing to stop them, then you deserve your fate.

The elite of the world truly believe that anyone under them are a cancer on the world, to be cut out to save the planet. This plan has been in the works for over 100 years. The main architects of this plan are very old, some have died. They want to see it enacted before they go.


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