Dem ex-judge ordered to jail for corruption, dragged out of courtroom

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A corrupt judge had to be dragged out of a courtroom by police to begin her prison sentence. Juvenile judge Tracie Hunter began her six months jail sentence Monday for illegally giving her brother, a former government employee, confidential records to help him keep his job in Hamilton County, Ohio. The packed courtroom erupted into chaos after Judge Patrick Dinkelacker executed Hunter’s sentence, which she was given in 2014, but had been delayed while Hunter appealed the conviction. Video of the brawl in the courtroom shows Hunter’s supporters rushing in to confront the judge and police, as bystanders loudly protest the ruling. In the scrum of bodies, a woman wearing a shirt that reads ‘Justice for Judge Tracie M Hunter’ is seen getting handcuffed as Hunter is dragged off camera by an officer.

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