Tucker Carlson: Dems say no one is above the law – except illegal immigrants. And that could cost them in 2020

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Maybe you’ve noticed this from watching TV in the past couple of years. When it’s about tax returns or executive orders, or of course, Russia, the left strikes a law and order pose. Nobody, they’ll remind you — finger wagging in your face — is above the law in this country. Nobody. Not even — drumroll please — the president of the United States.

It’s one of their favorite talking points. It is highly effective because it’s absolutely true. In America, nobody is above law. That’s the promise of this country. It’s the best thing about it. It’s why this isn’t the third world.

If only Democrats actually believed their own bumper stickers, we’d be far better off than we are. But in this case, they don’t. Nobody is above the law? Please, spare us.

The Democratic Party’s entire electoral future depends upon making certain that millions and millions of people are above the law. In real life, our laws are unambiguous. Nobody is allowed to move to this country without our permission. People who come here illegally must be sent home. That’s what the law says.

The modern Democratic Party is built around ignoring and subverting that law. Just this month, President Trump called for ICE to deport illegal aliens facing final deportation orders. To be clear, these aren’t people pulled at random out of restaurant kitchens. These are people who, at our expense, have received their day in court. They’ve gone through the whole process. And in the end, they lost, and they’ve been ordered to leave. They’ve chosen to ignore that order. They’ve chosen to give the finger to our laws.

So, if you cared about the rule of law, you would send these people home immediately. But the left doesn’t care. So, they’ve denounced any attempt to enforce that law as bigotry. Hillary Clinton actually shared a guide to help these people, these foreign nationals, evade federal law enforcement — American law enforcement.



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