Dem Party Chairman Calls New Hampshire Rural Dwellers/Disaffected Trump Voters ‘White Supremacists’ – PLUS UPDATE On Lawsuit Being Filed By Attorney Joni Turner – PLUS The DACA Decision.

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by Ruby Henley
Yesterday Ray Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party, former DNC Vice Chair, and former candidate for chair of the DNC, said the following:
“The organizing and activating of these extremists, these white supremacists, really could have a detrimental effect on the entire culture of New Hampshire,” New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley said. He went on to say on Twitter that rural, disaffected voters in New Hampshire are “white supremacists.”

This statement was made in response to a movement called “Look Ahead America,”who is reaching out to “disaffected voters” living  in rural areas.   
“We’ve identified millions of adults in each state who are not registered to vote or rarely vote. We will use our latest modeling techniques to identify these disaffected Americans and get them reengaged in civic life.
The organization says there were many Granite Staters in 2016, “who weren’t registered to vote but came out for President Trump. These are the type of voters Look Ahead America will reach out to, those who haven’t felt their issues have been addressed by previous administrations. Many feel they have been completely ignored by politicians, on both sides of the aisle.”
Basically now they are calling “country folk,” who failed to vote in the past, but came out to vote for President Trump, “white supremacists.”  I am not a “white supremacist,” although I do live in a rural  area, but you could call me a “disaffected” voter until 2016. I know this Dem only made the statement about New Hampshire voters, but I think it will turn into a trend…a dangerous trend.
I want to refer to a previous article I did:
I immediately thought of this article when I read the comment calling Trump voters “white supremacists;” not only “Trump voters” but “rural dwellers,” who voted for President Trump.
I am not saying the only side making accusations against the other is the Left, as I know we are all guilty in this ongoing political war between the Left and the Right.  It is a brutal war, and I do believe the Left started it.
It peaked with Charlottesville, but now it does seem to be slowing down a bit.  However, this statement does not apply to the harassment of President Trump by the Left Wing Media.  He never gets a break, and somehow no matter what he does, they manage to turn it around on him in such a brutal way.  There  is a steady stream of news articles 24/7 degrading him, and tearing down every accomplishment he makes.
He had so many goals when he won the Presidency, and no one seems to be working with him to bring those goals into fruition.
What exactly are the grounds for a harassment lawsuit?  If the party who files the lawsuit, typically referred to as the plaintiff, is able to prove his case, stiff penalties may apply for the accused party. For example, a person who is convicted of harassing another may go to jail. In some cases, however, the penalty is monetary in nature, and the defendant ends up paying a fine or compensating the plaintiff in some other manner. Some harassment lawsuits are even settled out of court to save the defendant or the company involved the embarrassment that may come with public loss of the case.
There are different types of harassment, but generally a harassment lawsuit begins, because a person repeatedly behaved in a manner that was perceived as intrusive or threatening. If the accused person’s words or actions made another person feel less safe or secure, there may be a basis for a harassment lawsuit. In some cases, making certain gestures and intruding on another person’s privacy may be considered grounds for a harassment suit as well.
So it appears to me if a “rural dweller,” and a “disaffected voter,” who came out to vote for President Trump is being called a “white supremacist,” it could be considered as harassment.
An UPDATE on the lawsuit being filed by Attorney Joni Turner against CNN for bullying Trump supporters seems to be hopeful.  Within the first few minutes of opening her website, she received 600 signatures.  QUOTE:
According to the Conservative Tribune:
“Within minutes of the websites launch there were 600 who had signed up and by yesterday (Friday), in less than 48 hours, just under 10,000 had joined the movement! This morning as I write this article that number has skyrocketed and she estimates that there will be 20,000 by Sunday!” The Liberty Beacon reported.
Currently there is no pending case. However, Turner has said that she treats every potential case as if it is going to trial. The cease and desist letter was the beginning. Now, with thousands joining a potential class-action suit, this could be a real legal headache for the Clinton News Network.
 Fordham University professor Mark Naison accused tens of millions of Americans who voted for Trump of being white supremacists on CNN:
Trump voters helped advance white supremacy by giving them room to operate, CNN reported based on the assertions of others in a piece headlined, “‘White Supremacists by default’: How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible.”
“It’s easy to focus on the angry white men in paramilitary gear who looked like they were mobilizing for a race war in the Virginia college town,” CNN reported. “But it’s the ordinary people — the voters who elected a reality TV star with a record of making racially insensitive comments, the people who move out of the neighborhood when people of color move in, the family members who ignore a relative’s anti-Semitism — who give these type of men room to operate.” END OF QUOTE
President Trump has a dream of securing the sovereignty of the United States before it is too late for the average American.  No doubt we have suffered due to the vast number of refugees Obama allowed into this Country by not securing our borders.  President Trump is trying desperately to secure our borders by building the wall he had promised the American people.  He is struggling to keep this promise due to the bureaucracy around him.
He is the President, but there are so many who are drowning out his voice. The American people need to realize this.  He is damned if the does and damned if don’t.
He has stated he wants to end the DACA program, and many of his supporters are asking him to do this.
Ten states may soon sue President Trump — for treating illegal immigrants too leniently.  Texas attorney general Ken Paxton and nine other state attorneys general plan to file suit against the Trump administration unless it ends the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program by September 5. 
DACA, a program established under President Obama, grants work permits and an official reprieve from deportation to over 750,000 illegal immigrants who came to the United States as minors.  
President Trump lambasted DACA as unconstitutional on the campaign trail. He vowed to end it on Day One of his administration. But thus far, he has kept the program in place — even though federal courts have found DACA to be an illegal overreach of executive authority, and the Trump Administration already ended a companion program that granted reprieves and work permits to parents of DACA recipients. END OF QUOTE
This is not going to be an easy thing for Trump to do, and, frankly, he is going to be again “damned if he does, and damned if he don’t.”
Obama has vowed to launch a campaign on Twitter against Trump if he does end Obama’s creation of DACA.  It is sad either way, as I know many of these young people are in turmoil right now, but one of Trump’s goals is to reinstate the sovereignty of this country.  He cannot allow illegal immigrants into this Country and continue to maintain sovereignty.
Although Congress actually controls who gets into this Country and not the President,  Obama found a way around this constitutional barrier. DACA, they said, doesn’t give permanent legal residency to illegal aliens.  It merely makes them a very, very low priority for deportation. However,  all 750,000 illegal aliens,  who signed up for the program received a card instructing Immigration and Customs Enforcement not to deport them unless they committed multiple criminal offenses.
My argument against the DACA program is plain and simple:  the DACA program hurts American workers.  Many American workers without college degrees are struggling to find work. In the first quarter of 2017, nearly four in ten native-born 18 to 29-year olds without college degrees were either unemployed or not in the labor force.  
Lets just face it, Illegal immigration is a hindrance for the uneducated youth in Country. It increases the number of people competing for a limited supply of lower-skilled and entry-level jobs. Over the past 20 years, illegal aliens without high school degrees have inflated the low-skill U.S. workforce by approximately 22 percent.  The excess of low-skilled workers means companies don’t need to raise wages to fill positions. Native-born workers without a high school degree would earn nearly $800 more annually if there were no illegal immigration.
Many families have their children still living with them, who are in their 20s.  They could not afford to go to college and struggled in school; therefore, they cannot find good jobs.  It is as if these kids are being punished, because they could not afford college or the student debt that so many college students are struggling to pay off.  It is a bad situation.
Then we have these “Dreamers,” who are being handed educations on a silver platter.  Why do I say this?  I will give you an example. QUOTE:
The President’s Actions to Promote High-Skill Immigration.
One of these urgent challenges is reforming our broken immigration system, which only Congress can fully address.  Our Nation prospers when we welcome immigrants, as exemplified by many of the First Lady’s extraordinary State of the Union guests: Satya Nadella, who left his home in India to earn advanced degrees at U.S. universities, and is now CEO of Microsoft; Refaai Hamo, a Syrian scientist who survived terrible wartime tragedies and is building a new life with his family here in America; and Oscar Vazquez, a U.S. Army veteran and DREAMer who came to this country as a child and led a team of under-resourced Hispanic high school students who took on an MIT team in an underwater robotics competition — and won.
That’s why the President continues to call on Congress to pass comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform.  Until then, the Administration will continue to pursue reforms within its authority to fix as much as it can.  That includes, for example, taking steps to modernize and streamline our legal immigration system, partnering with local governments and community leaders to welcome new Americans, promoting the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and ensuring that our limited enforcement resources are used effectively by implementing clear and effective enforcement priorities. 
Many of these economic benefits spring from the President’s actions to attract and retain the most talented workers, graduates, and entrepreneurs from around the world.  As the President said at a recent naturalization ceremony for new Americans from over 25 countries:  
“Immigrants like you are more likely to start your own business.  Many of the Fortune 500 companies in this country were founded by immigrants or their children.  Many of the tech startups in Silicon Valley have at least one immigrant founder.”END OF QUOTE
You see, President Obama is making America great for illegal immigrants, while President Trump wants to make it great again for the average American citizen.  
It is not right to bring in illegal immigrants, give them a free education, offering them the high-paying jobs, while forgetting about the American people.  In America, we should be promoting this for the American youth, who cannot afford to do for themselves. Some American young people do not want to be saddled with college debt, but Obama could care less about that, now could he?  There are not only the unfortunate in the immigrant population, on the contrary, there are many many young Americans who are living in poverty without the privileges of Obama’s Dreamers.

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