The Truth About Why North Korea is Kicking Off – What the MSM Won’t Tell You

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by Mark Angelides

If it seems that events in North Korea have escalated to a point that is vastly more serious than any we have seen in recent years, it’s because they have. And whilst the MSM may be blaming it on “Trump’s deadly rhetoric,” what is far more likely is that there has been a very real change in the political circumstances of the regime.
This may come across as a little far-fetched, but I have it on good authority that the reason for many of the failed missile tests that we hear about are not down to the ineptitude of North Korean physicists, but rather through the  “intervention” of assets. With this in mind, isn’t it possible that there exist back channels that have influence on the regime? And to take it even further…Is it possible that the U.S government, under the previous administration, was actively working (paying with technology, assistance or even straight cash) with people in positions of power in the NK government?
And this is why the situation has escalated so rapidly. The back channels were never handed over to the current administration because the people running these channels want Trump to fail massively on the international stage.
It also explains why relations with Iran have taken such a dire turn. Under the Obama administration there was $40 billion here and $140 billion there, all in the name of curbing Iran’s nuclear program. And then Iran refuses to allow inspections, and says it will ramp up its program even further if sanctions are imposed on them by President Trump. This is not just a blunder, or a miscommunication between leaders, this is a collapse of diplomatic and financial back channels.
Again, it may come across as a nutty shot in the dark. But we know three things for sure:

  1. People in the United States government WANT Donald Trump to fail. It’s a dangerous position to take as it will be the people who ultimately suffer, but we know these folk exist.
  2. There were massive financial irregularities in many departments during the last administration. $6 billion in the State Department, and over $50 billion in “accounting errors” at HUD (sure they may have been accounting errors, but to ten times the whole departments budget!?!?).
  3. We know that both the North Korea and Iran issues could be quietly cleaned up with large “donations” of American dollars.
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This seems to me to be a shakedown of some kind, the Career Bureaucrats know about, but don’t want Trump to win, even if it is by the same methods as Obama.

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5 thoughts on “The Truth About Why North Korea is Kicking Off – What the MSM Won’t Tell You

  1. But let’s never forget that Iran, Syria, and N Korea are the LAST 3 remaining country with no Rothschild Central bank, bleeding their nation dry.
    And Mr. Putin kicked out Me. Rothschild – about the exact same time Putin became ‘an enemy’….
    “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper Rothschild

    • I agree . It must be remembered that both World wars were actively organized by the Zionist criminals that same that controlled 85 % of the Russian leaders at the time of the Bolsheviks . Those zioniss killed tens of millions of citizens far more than the victims of the so called holocaust . Until mankind gets rid of the zionist criminals in charge of the banks and governments , the world will be a disaster . what to do witth the zionist ? The gas chambers did not exist during WW2 what is there at auschwitz was built by Stalin after WW2 and Stalin was married to a Jewess . There is a territory in Siberia called Zionist oblast and it is sparsely populated . The Zionist + Israeli Apartheid supporters should be sent to live there .

  2. Kim Jung Un also as a child went to a Swiss Boarding School… It would have seemed obvious even back then that he would become leader of NK so I cannot imagine for a second that there wasn’t some kind of Rothchild deep state influence over him when in there clutches

  3. draining the swamp appears to be having an effect on the leftover stumbling blocks, like snags appear at low tide.
    the trouble points could be easy to spot and fix , maybe some drone shots.
    somebody in the entire US should be a good or at least mediocre DIPLOMAT find him/her!!!!

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