Dem Rep Schatz: ‘This Administration and This Congress Have Governed With Cruelty.’

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by Pamela Williams
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“This week marked the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency and it was unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. From the nominations of unqualified cabinet secretaries like Betsy DeVos and Scott Pruitt, to the failed attempt at banning Muslim refugees from our country, this administration and this Congress have governed with cruelty and have broken every promise they made to the American people.” – Senator Brian Schatz (HI)
BREITBART has published a video of a speech by Senator Brian Schatz from Hawaii.  He summarizes President Trump’s first 100 days in office in a very damaging way, but he does express very strongly how many Americans now feel.  I am somewhat surprised that BREITBART is taking this negative stance, as this publication has been supportive of President Trump.  Steve Bannon has been a very vocal and visual supporter of President Trump, and most of us know Bannon is associated with the BREITBART publication.  However, most of us, also, know Steve Bannon entered the Trump Presidency as a top advisor, who fell from grace as Trump gradually accepted new leadership or “advisors” around him.
The Advisors penetrated the Trump Presidency with the intention of outing the voices around Trump who were more aligned with the American people.  General Flynn was the first to go, and I will say without hesitation I was very disappointed that Trump allowed this.  It has been downhill since then.  However, Flynn was not a warhawk, and the whole “Deep State” invasion into the Trump Presidency was about warhawks.  Now you find us at odds with the entire world, and the American people are the losers.  
We were promised health care for everyone, tax cuts, and a place above big government.  The rich would not be the only ones who would benefit, but, in fact, this seems to be the result of the outcome of Trump’s first 100 days in office.
Senator Cantwell says it best.  The following has been taken from an actual speech made in the Senate:
First, on the wall, we were progressing nicely on a bipartisan agreement to keep our government open and running until the President stepped in to muck up the process by insisting on funding for his wall on the Mexican border. This is a huge broken promise. Every time he mentioned this wall on the campaign trail, he insisted that Mexico would pay for it. This week he demanded that the American taxpayers pay for it and threatened to shut down the government over it. The Americans know that $50 billion—if that is what the wall will cost—is far better spent laying broadband throughout America, rebuilding our roads and bridges—doing things that help Americans, not some ideological issue. Thankfully for the American people, the President failed. Second, on healthcare, breaking his promise of insurance for everybody and lowering costs yet again, the President’s healthcare bill rose from the dead and moved further to the right. It is hard to think of a bill worse than the first, but TrumpCare 2.0 has all the terrible aspects of round one, with even more cruelty placed on the American people. TrumpCare 2.0 would still leave millions without coverage, raise rates dramatically on 50- to 64-year-olds, and also take us back to the day when insurance companies could deny coverage to those with preexisting conditions. Once again, the President failed. Finally, the President’s tax plan was another huge broken promise. As a candidate, Trump promised to lower taxes for middle-class Americans, but his Secretary of Treasury can’t even guarantee the plan will do so. The President could have worked with Democrats on taxes, but he chose to focus on the wealthy instead of the middle class. To be clear, the President’s tax plan is a wish list for billionaires, not a serious proposal. The Trump tax plan is designed to cut Trump’s taxes, those of his Cabinet, and those people of his wealth, not the taxes of the middle class. Thankfully, this plan is yet another dead-on-arrival Trump proposal that has been panned by both Democrats and Republicans. The Trump tax plan pretty much sums up the dynamic of the first 100 days—promise for the  for the working class; deliver for the wealthy. Frankly, it is why he has made such little progress. These three actions this week, in the President’s rush to try to prove that the 100 days isn’t as bad as everybody is saying—the wall, TrumpCare, and the Trump tax plan—have made our point that his 100 days have been a failure better than we ever could.
President Trump promised working Americans a cherry pie, but after 100 days, he has delivered only crumbs. If the President wants his next 100 days to be better than his first, he needs to abandon the ‘‘my way or the highway’’ approach, abandon his special interest- driven, pro-wealthy agenda, and start pursuing policies that actually help the middle class and those struggling to get there. We are willing to work with him if he does. But if he stays on his current path, abandoning the working people of America for the very wealthy, the next 100 days will be just like the first: a series of broken and unfulfilled promises and very few results for America’s working families.
To be quite honest, I do believe President Trump has made headway with the illegal immigration promise.  He and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has worked tirelessly to make the United States a safer place, and I thank them for that.
However, where is our healthcare for everyone?  Where are our tax cuts?  What happened to those promises?  Was it a failure of President Trump’s failure to work with Congress?  Was Senator Brian Schatz correct in his speech?  What about Senator Cantwell?  Too harsh, or fair…what do you think as an American citizen?   

President Donald Trump on Tuesday declared victory on a bipartisan spending bill that will fund the government through September.
Seeking to disrupt the narrative that Democrats won on key funding proposals, Trump proclaimed to an audience gathered in the Rose Garden that the U.S. would see increases in defense spending and an end to “painful cuts to our military.”
“And we didn’t do any touting like the Democrats did, by the way,” Trump said, though Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney had appeared before reporters twice in the last twenty four hours to do just that.
Then the president followed suit, announcing his administration’s spending achievements on $21 billion for defense, plus increased funding for border security and health care extension for coal miners.
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