Demand Cambridge Analytica provide you with the information they have on you.

by Hazzman

I just emailed them and demanded they provide me with the information they have on me.

I want all information Cambridge Analytica has on me. I am a British citizen living in the United States. I am fully aware of the rights provided by the Data Protection Act.

I expect the information to be delivered to the address below:

I expect a confirmation via email that this information will be delivered and when to expect it. If I do not receive a reply I will contact the ICO for information on how to proceed.

I suggest you do the same – even if you are an American. As a private company they have absolutely no legal standing to stop you from acquiring this information as it was processed in Britain and they should be subject to the Data Protection Act.

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Anyone with an ounce of sense isn’t surprised by what happened. Everyone is running around with their hair on fire like a presidential campaign never used a PR company or data analysis to swing votes… however, there are nuances to this – CA essentially stole millions of users data from Facebook and they deserve to be absolutely fucking nuked for what they did.

We all complain about privacy – we all know the government isn’t going to change a damn thing about their policy regarding our privacy, even if the constitution protects us… but now the battle lines have shifted where private companies are paying little regard to our right to privacy. This is a rare opportunity to punish them thoroughly for it and make other companies think twice. I’m under no illusion how much impact this will have, but its at least something and its an opportunity I recommend you take.

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@JulianAssange tweeted this about 8 hrs ago:

What to see what Facebook has on you (at a minimum)?

    1. Goto
    2. Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
    3. Wait for automatic email from Facebook
    4. Download the ZIP file link in the email
    5. Extract it and open ‘html/index.htm’




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