Democrat Al Greene: We’ll Impeach Trump if We Win Back House in November

by Chris Black

Black Caucus DEM Al Green bragged on Tuesday on CSPAN’s “Washington Journal” that if his party takes the House in November, Trump’s impeachment would be a good likelihood. Green dixit:

“This is not something the Constitution has bestowed upon leadership. It’s something every member has the right and privilege of doing. I am not sure that there will be members who are going to wait for someone else if that someone else, doesn’t matter who it is, is declining to do it.”

Here’s the video with the IQ of 80 speaking to the American voters. Did anyone said In-Peach 45 Malt Liquor? This mook looks as though he should be playing a muted trumpet outside the local dive. Another winner selected by the black community to represent their interests…

Joke aside, there’s also a Republican Member ‘Strongly Considering’ Joining the impeachment party; Yet, what’s the impeachment charge, winning an election without permission from the deep state?  I believe all elected officials should be given a civics exam before they are seen in. Does this idiot even know the requirements for impeaching a sitting president? Being mean spirited and preventing Hillary from winning is not impeachable.  Also, you can impeach, but removing a President from office is something else. Pervert Billy was impeached, but not removed from office. Remember in 1998 when the DEMs boldly stated that “impeachment means overturning the results of an election and the American people won’t stand for it!” My, how the Democlowns change their tune when they aren’t in charge.

READ  Congressman Jim Jordan: In the next two weeks, House Democrats will try to radically change:

The Democrats had laid out their intent, their plan, their vile mantra, making for a rally cry for all who will not conform, refuse to be assimilated, will no longer offer up our youth to the moronic slaughter to rogue institutional education/ death camps dressed up as dorms and supposed places of learning, for they learn nothing but radical marxist stances that only produce death and destruction. We must fight for Constitutional Rights as written, not as supposed or bastardized rewording to fit a one sided deadly Sharia mimicked agenda, to stop weaponized illegal-infiltration of those who kill for their unrightful spot over those who stand patiently and truly work hard for the privilege to be Americans, to be responsible for actions and deeds, not allowed to make ass excuses and false claims of strife only to feed the Kill American’s mantra by those who want us gone.

If ever there was a time to assure that the filth from the Radical Progressive Left and their sin sisters the Social Democrats, and any other moniker they try to hind behind, NEVER take hold of this country EVER Again, that time is now.
We can never go back, we must stand firm and focused, keep digging and show the truth for what has been done to assure it Never Happens Again!!!! Any loss to these ticks, blood sucking and life ending parasites, is a loss we will never recover from and our home is no more. Vote for your Constitutional Life, your family’s life and right to exist as true citizens, the future you want for all our tomorrows, never be ashamed to call yourself Americans ever again, as we have during  Barry Obama’s reign, never apologize for being Americans for we have nothing to apologize for!!!


Never forsake America, too many perished to assure we continue to exist. Send the Radical Progressive Leftist Social Demoratic  Sharia Pusher Party of “No to America”an unmistakable message AGAIN for all the world to hear:

“ Never Will You Tread On Me”
“Never Will You Try Again”

Truth be told, I want the left to talk about impeachment every minute of every day. It’s a very effective tool to get conservatives to the voting booths, while at the same time implies that Democrats do not need to worry.


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