DEMOCRAT CRIME WAVE: Community Volunteers in Chicago Robbed by ‘WHITE SUPREMACISTS’ While Trying To String Up Christmas Lights

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“According to local authorities, at around 4 pm on Saturday, a white SUV pulled up on the women, and multiple suspects jumped out demanding the volunteer group hand over a wallet, a purse, and a fanny pack before running off again. Aside from the material losses, nobody was harmed in the incident”

The volunteers were part of an organization called “My Block, My Hood, My City” and were part of a project called “Be Part of the Light”. The founder of the organization, Jahmal Cole, had a message for the thieves: “We’re trying to inspire hope. We’re not the enemy! It’s just tragic, man. It’s just tragic that it happened in this city.” Cole said that they will increase security for the next event and will not let the incident deter them from doing future projects.

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The incident follows an uptick in violent crime and robberies nationwide, particularly in Democrat ran cities. Last night, a bus driver was beat on North Michigan in Chicago while stopping to inspect his bus. The bus driver was hospitalized from the incident with bruises to his face and body.

4 Volunteers Robbed At My Block, My Hood, My City Event To Hang Up Christmas Lights Across South Side

The robbery interrupted what was otherwise a positive event to spread hope across the South Side. This event “isn’t going to fix such a deep-rooted issue in one day. This is years of work.”

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