Democrat efforts to censor and silence opposing views on topics ranging from vaccines to gender dysphoria have gained wide acceptance; however, when scientists and doctors are no longer allowed to question theories advanced by Democrat activists we are allowing them to put real lives at risk.

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There is a potentially important lawsuit pending in Kentucky on academic freedom and free speech. The University of Louisville is accused of retaliating against Professor Allan Josephson for his participation at a Heritage Foundation event on transgenderism.
The lawsuit has a novel defense from the university, which is spending public funds to fight free speech rights.Professor Allan Josephson has a long and impressive career. He became a medical doctor in 1976 and a board certified psychiatrist in 1982. He taught and held clinical positions in psychiatry at the University of Minnesota Medical School and the Medical College of Georgia. Ultimately, Dr. Josephson became a full professor of psychiatry at the Medical College of Georgia and the Chief of its Division of Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychiatry. He is also a distinguished fellow at a host of leading associations and has a long list of publications and prestigious appointments.On October 11, 2017, Dr. Josephson participated in Heritage Foundation’s panel presentation entitled “Gender Dysphoria in Children: Understanding the Science and Medicine.” He was joined on the panel by Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians, and Dr. Paul Hruz, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Washington University School of Medicine.

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The complaint alleges that Stacie Steinbock, director of the LGBT Center at the University’s Health Science Center, Brian W. Buford, then the Executive Director of the LGBT Center, and Dr. Christine Brady, assistant professor in the Division took the lead in efforts to retaliate against Josephson for holding opposing views on gender dysphoria.

Notably, the complaint also alleges that one group involved in these efforts held opposing interests in another pending case involving Dr. Josephson: “On October 29, 2017, Dr. Josephson learned that Lambda Legal, the LGBT advocacy group representing the plaintiff in the federal case in Florida for which he served as an expert witness, intended to subpoena multiple University officials.”



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