Democrat handler shuts down David Hogg interview when questions get tough

by DCG

This YouTube video was made by Slightly Offens*ve with Elijah Schaffer conducting the interview. It was uploaded July 23, 2018.

In the video, Media Hogg says the handgun effective range is 75 feet (25 yards) and the AR-15 effective range is 1,600 feet (533 yards). Is he correct with this statement?

Some research I found on several firearm forums about the effective range of an AR-15 (and various ammunition):

  • The military maximum effective range is approximately 500 yards.
  • You can use an AR at 500yds no problem. It can reach out to 1000 if you know what you are doing.
  • I’ve shot ARs with red dots to 300-400, that’s really stretching them without magnification.
  • Depending on your target and using 55-62 grain ammo with a 16 inch barrel around 210-235 yards. 20 inch barrel should get you out to 265-300 yards. Note Paper targets you might hit at 800-1000 and maybe make a hole.
  • 500 yards max effective range with a standard 5.56 m16/ar15 setup. No way you’ll be shooting 1000 yards with any kind of accuracy or effectiveness. I have never shot past 500 on any marksmanship range with 5.56.
  • It is effective way past 400 yards. Out past 500 I don’t think it would be practical though.

What Hogg fails to mention in his blanket statement about AR-15s is there are several factors in evaluating the effective range of a firearm: the type of ammunition (grain), environmental elements (wind, humidity, altitude), and the specific weapon one uses and its muzzle velocity, the length of the barrel, etc.

There’s also, of course, your marksmanship skills.

But never let facts get in the way of your scripted talking points.

Hogg also cites the National Firearms Act of “1934 or 32.”

It was enacted in 1934, so he was correct in his first statement yet he wasn’t sure.

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So what about the bald white guy in the video who shuts down the interview?

michael skolnik

Gun grabber Michael Skolnik

The “handler” in this video is Michael Skolnik. His twitter bio says “Entrepreneur • Civil Rights Activist. Co-Founder and Partner of @WeAreSoze. Proud father of Mateo Ali. Board Member of Trayvon Martin Fdn.”

@WeAreSoze Twitter bio: “We create campaigns about compassion, authenticity and equity. Worker owned.”

Here’s what I found out about Michael Skolnik and his @WeAreSoze company:

  • Clients of WeAreSozePlanned Parenthood (baby killers), Open Society Foundation (George Soros), Emily’s List (pro-abort group), Google (censorship commies) and Women’s March (led by an anti-Semitic womyn).
  • Fun fact: Women’s March organizer, (the anti-Semitic womyn) Linda Sarsour, has a close connection to the New Mexico child abuse case. The father of the man arrested in that case, Siraj Wahhaj, Sr., is Sarsour’s mentor and motivator.
  • Skolnik worked with the Obama administration on various issues and actions.
  • Skolnick served on Vice President Joe Biden’s task force on gun violence.
  • In 2012, Skolnik joined the Obama re-election campaign as an official surrogate.

So who is paying Skolnik to protect Media Hogg? Is he doing it out of the kindness of his heart? Are any of Skolnik’s clients funding his services for the Media Hogg?

Whatever the case, we know that Skolnik and his partners have one agenda: stripping us law-abiding citizens of our Second Amendment right.

h/t Chris Loesch



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