Democrat Party Executive From Colorado Calls for Violent Street War, Armed Communist Revolution in Latest James O’Keefe Undercover BOMBSHELL: ‘I Will Lie; I Will Cheat; I Will Steal’

In the hour since James O’Keefe and Project Veritas exposed typical 2020 Democrat Kristopher Jacks – a Colorado Democratic party exec and head of his chapter of Democratic partner organization “Our Revolution” – saying the thing on tape that other Democrats say behind closed doors and in their Senate and House offices, the advocate of violence, stabbings, death and destruction has already shut down his Twitter account.

“What is he trying to hide from?” James O’Keefe asks, which is a great question since the tough guy Jacks was recorded on video saying that it’s the right who are “a bunch of b*tches.”

But hiding from the sunlight doesn’t mean not dangerous. You can be gunned down by the press these days if you’re wearing a MAGA hat, and the rest of the media WON’T EVEN REPORT ON IT.


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