Democrat Paul Ryan threatens to sabotage Trumps Tax Cuts!

Yeah, I know. He calls himself a Republican.
But we all know, he has to go!
Trump takes the lead on tax reform, delivering a plan that looks like the one he campaigned and won on. But Paul Ryan and the Democrats are trying to tell us that tax cuts create budget deficits. David Knight looks at the details of what has been proposed and debunks the myth of increased deficits — tax cuts historically have INCREASED tax revenue. Deficits come from even greater spending.

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h/t The Pale Horse


1 thought on “Democrat Paul Ryan threatens to sabotage Trumps Tax Cuts!”

  1. . . . . till I’m blue in the face:
    refer to House Resolution 385. Someone in the House with some cojones,
    file the motion, Declaring the Office of the Speaker Vacant. And remove lyin ryan from the speaker’s seat.


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