Democrat spending spree includes $1.3 Billion Media Bailout…

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Several weeks ago, I wrote an article asking why the media in general, and Politico in particular, refuse to cover the irregularities in Joe Biden’s taxes. Turns out they have a lot of reasons not to do so. Approximately 1,269,000,000 reasons, in fact.

A relatively unheralded program in the $3.5 trillion Democrat spending spree would provide well more than $1 billion in bailout funds to media organizations. You read that right: With our nation more than $28 trillion in debt, Democrats want to raise taxes to spend more money on their political allies in corporate media.

It’s enough to prompt the inevitable chicken-and-egg question: Did Democrats propose this bailout because corporate media bury scandals like Joe Biden’s taxes and Hunter Biden’s e-mails, or did the media bury those scandals in the hopes of receiving a bailout?

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Welfare for Writers?

Buried at the back of the 2,465-page spending behemoth is the program by which Democrats in Congress want the federal government to subsidize journalism. Beginning on page 2,326, Section 138517 of the bill provides a payroll tax credit for “compensation of local news journalists.”


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