Democratic Candidate Arrested At Detention Center After Getting Destroyed By Border Control Agent

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Maine’s Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate was arrested outside a detention center in Texas on Friday morning for refusing to leave the premises after being told he was not allowed in.

The nominee, Zak Ringelstein, announced Wednesday that he was traveling to McAllen, Texas, to deliver personal items, including toys, books and blankets to the immigrant children currently being held there.

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Attempting to deliver supplies to children at Trump’s internment camp in McAllen Texas.

Posted by Zak Ringelstein on Friday, June 22, 2018


A Facebook Live video, which contains the arrest, shows Ringelstein waiting outside the center, being told he cannot go in, and then arguing with border patrol agents in the parking lot.

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Ringelstein told the border agents that he believes, without going into the facility, that the children are being deprived of water, books, blankets, and other essential items.


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