Democratic Candidate SHOCKED To Find “The Left Lies And Is Mean” After Wave Of Hit Pieces And Smears

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Democratic Candidate SHOCKED To Find The Left Lies And Is Mean After Wave Of Hit Pieces And Smears. For all her faults and criticisms Marianne Williamson didn’t deserve the mass ridicule, lies, and smears she received from the media and the left. Unfortunately Marianne had to learn the hard way.

Many people don’t pay attention to news and end up reading lies and fake news on a daily basis. Because they aren’t politically active they don’t know it’s happening. But once you enter the political world you can’t escape it.

Recently Marianne Williamson said in an interview that she was surprised to find the left was so mean and she thought the right were the liars, saying

“I know this sounds naïve, I didn’t think the left was so mean. I didn’t think the left lied like this. I thought the right did that, I thought we were better.”

The left has become a clique and the media bias has become palpable. Trump supporters know it and now hopefully leftists who backed Marianne know it.

The establishment media and far left ideologues are mean and they will try to stop you by any means necessary, even lying.

While Trump supporters are used to it by now, its interesting to see a 2020 democrat dealing with this and calling it out.



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