Democratic congresswoman: ‘means nothing’ ICE’s fake university started under Obama

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California Rep. Norma Torres brushed off the fact that ICE’s fake university raid started under President Obama because she claimed it reflects the “mean-spirited” immigration policies of the Trump administration.

Torres, who is a member of the New Americans Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, decried the latest ICE raid that nabbed 90 illegal immigrants in a sting operation using a phony university. Students applied to the university to obtain student visas even though they were fully aware that there was no school, and they would just be getting jobs in the United States. The arrests brought the total number of illegal immigrants arrested under this operation to 250.

Many Democrats bashed the operation as “cruel and appalling” even though the operation started in 2015 under Obama. Torres said she has “been close” to calling for the abolition of ICE over the policy, in an interview with The Hill.


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