Democrats accused of promoting ‘unfit’ candidate Joe Biden and of ‘betraying’ US public

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A LEADING US journalist has accused Democrats of promoting an “unfit candidate” to the US’s top political post and of “betraying their responsibilities” to the American people.

Dominic Green, deputy editor of The Spectator’s US edition, pointed to the behaviour of the new US President Joe Biden in his limited public appearances. He claimed Mr Biden “looks and sounds frail”, suggesting the 78-year-old may not be well enough to efficiently manage the demanding role. Mr Green believes he has become “so embarrassing to watch” that it felt “cruel to mention it”.

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The 46th US President – and oldest in history – recently caused concern during a visit to Houston at the beginning of March.

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While delivering a speech, Mr Biden appeared to lose focus and become disorientated. At one point the US President said: “What am I doing here?”


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