Democrats and Republicans are both starting to get sick of social media – study

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There are few things these days which unite liberals and conservatives, but according to a new survey, a growing dislike and distrust of social media companies is one of them.

Across the political spectrum, dissatisfaction with sites like Facebook and Twitter is growing – and growing quickly. An Axios survey conducted in November found that 57 percent of US adults felt that social media is damaging to society and democracy, up 14 percent from one year earlier.

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When you break it down, Democrats, Republicans and Independents have all been souring on social media, with significant increases in the numbers dissatisfied seen across the three groups in the last year.

Republicans are the most likely to see social media as harmful, with 69 percent of respondents saying it did more to hurt democracy and free speech than to help it – up from 52 percent, while a smaller percentage of Democrats (48 percent up from 37 percent) said the same.

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Well when the Republicans get banned from everywhere they try to voice their opinions they get pissed off and the Democrats only have themselves to talk to so it’s no surprise they are pissed off too.


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