Democrats, Biden and Pelosi cannot Make America Great – Today Democrat politician is not your parents party of yesteryear

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by Xeven

They will not help you because doing so goes against their agenda.

Electric Cars
Free everything
Illegal immigration.

They have stock in companies, kids and friends hold extreme paying jobs at those companies.
Foreign interests also pay them (Hunter) because they make those products.
Free stuff keeps working people and other non family and friends investor poor so they cannot compete politically.
Illegal immigration become more liberal voters.

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The bottom line is the Democrat Policies are designed to keep them, their family and friends rich and politically powerful at your expense.

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Truth. Democrat leaders are openly liars.

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This has nothing to do with the 2022 brain washed and or ignorant Democrat voter who just keeps voting cause mom and dad did or they think they can keep the gravy train going without work or investment of themselves. This is about the bull shiters in political office today.

Pelosi impeached a POTUS twice with lies and propaganda.


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