Democrats Double Down on Its Idiocy, Filing Articles of Impeachment for Trump

By Robert Carbery

Five articles of impeachment were put forward Wednesday by House Democrats as the push for removing Trump reaches the action stage. The time for talk is over! Though it will certainly not go anywhere or get any kind of hearing, George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said that this move sets a dangerous precedent.
Reps. Adriano Espaillat of Washington Heights, N.Y., Steve Cohen of Memphis, Al Green of Houston, Marcia Fudge of Cleveland, John Yarmuth of Louisville, Ky. and Luis Gutierrez of Chicago together called for President Trump to be impeached, in a move that exemplifies the liberals’ floundering identity and sense of purpose at this present moment.
While the Republicans look no better with the latest Roy Moore scandal and inability to pass any meaningful legislation so far this year, they at least have a handle on all of the levers of power in Washington. For now. But, if Democrats really are to pursue impeachment, could they have the power to do so if they regain a majority in the House or Senate or both next year? They sure could…
Rep. Espaillat tweeted out that Trump has “compromised our national security, threatened the independence of our Justice system and the freedom of our press.” He of course offered no specifics of crimes or impeachable offenses and further failed to realize how ridiculous he and his colleagues look in pushing this forward, despite what he thinks is a torrent of public support behind him. At the end of the day, we live in a 50-50 country.
Turley said that the public is certainly not behind this brash political move by the House Dems. “They have no shot at the moment because they have no evidence to support it,” according to Turley. These six lefties have brought overly broad charges to the president during his first year in office. If this is the current standard for impeachment, then “half” of the presidents we’ve had could have been ousted from office, so said Turley.
President Obama definitely undermined the press when his administration investigated Fox News’ own James Rosen several years ago and even wiretapped the Trump campaign’s phones but was not guilty of an impeachable act. This is a dangerous precedent to set and could be the direction the Democrats go to ensure Trump does not serve out his whole first term, despite the supposed opposition from party leadership.
The charges that Trump obstructed justice when he fired FBI Director Comey, that he violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution, and that he has undermined the federal judiciary are all laughable. These are not impeachable offenses and they are not far from fully thought out charges.
A Republican House Judiciary Committee aide said in response, “Under the Constitution, impeachment is an extraordinary remedy to remove certain elected officials from office who have committed high crimes and misdemeanors. It’s the policy of the committee to consider impeachment articles if and when the constitutional criteria for impeachment exist.” But these are far from high crimes or misdemeanors. This move by the left signals that they are desperate and have nothing positive to offer the country, acting solely as the anti-Trump resistance party. Good luck with that.
There are some grownups in the room though, such as House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, who said, “There are a large number of Democrats who believe this president ought to be impeached. We have just made the judgment that the facts aren’t there to pursue that,” to reporters yesterday. “And what we want to pursue, we don’t want to distract [from] what is our focus.” And what is that focus, you might ask? Beats me. Lately it sounds like continuing the unsustainable mess that is Obamacare, holding up Trump’s immigration moves, and pushing for more gun control that will not stop the next shooting. Their economic policies are more government for more people no matter the cost! But that’s just about everyone in DC these days regardless of party affiliation.  
If the Democrats are going to purse impeachment, it is going to come back to bite them. Just as Republicans tried to do with Bill Clinton, it will backfire. There are too many independents and apolitical people out there that will see this as nothing more than an unproductive and distracting political witch hunt. Even during these divisive times and the apparent overwhelming hatred toward the president, impeachment is not the way to go and will further doom the Democratic Party.
But if Maxine Waters and the loud mouths on the left have their way, they will at least try it if they regain some power next year. Wouldn’t that be a treat!
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5 thoughts on “Democrats Double Down on Its Idiocy, Filing Articles of Impeachment for Trump”

  1. Given the likes of McCain will enthusiastically vote with them, they might just succeed. What is interesting is that they didn’t file similar changes against Pence – President Pence would certainly be a nightmare to the Dem base (though not to establishment DINOs and RINOs — which is all they care about).

  2. A lot of people in Congress have already, or are about to be indicted on a variety of charges. Let’s see who is left to vote after all this shakes out. The political landscape is changing fast, both here and in Saudi Arabia. And in Europe as well, for that matter.


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