Democrats expose themselves for the traitors they really are.

The spin that some of them are putting on their sitting was that “none of what Trump said was true.”
They’re so laughably out of ideas that it’s sad.

You have to laugh at the little crybabies at this point:

An open letter to the Dems at the SOTUA who refused to stand.
Dear Dems,
I have just finished watching the SOTUA. I am not an American, so type this from an outsider’s point of view.
I get your sit down protest at the opening of Trump’s speech, I really do and I respected that. You don’t like him and you made your point. You made it very clear with your initial protest, but then, for every single mention of good news for America that Trump announced, you (for the majority) stayed sitting down.
Do you not realise how bitter and spiteful that comes across to the rest of the world?
It is as if you do not want America to be succesful. That you do not care that life for so many people was becoming a little better. It shows you take absolutely NO pride in the country you are supposed to represent. You could not bring yourself stand up for the good news about businesses, workers, taxes, jobs coming back to the US, health and even for children.
Just who do you represent? It cannot be just about your support for minorities because you chose not to stand for the good news about African American and Latino American employment figures.
A few of you even remained seated when a family whose members were brutally slain by MS13 members were introduced. Shame on you! What an absolute disgrace of utter disrespect you showed there. Where is your heart? Are you so bitter and twisted inside that you could not even show support to that grieving family? Is your hatred for Trump so overwhelming that you have nothing left inside you for compassion for the suffering of others?
It becomes clear that you are in serious need of some self-examination if you are ever to hold your head high and say that your represent the interests of all your countrymen and not your own selfish concerns. Hate will eat you up inside until you have nothing left.
Stop clinging to all the ways where you are different and start to work on the parts you can agree on. If you cannot agree on being supportive of ANY of the good news that was brought up last night for ALL Americans then you do not deserve the positions you hold.
Don’t embarrass yourselves on the world’s stage any longer as you are doing yourselves no favours. You lost the election. Get over it. Ask yourself why, work on that problem for the benefit of all Americans and move on.
h/t keybored