Democrats? Fix Something? You’re Assuming Entirely Too Much Competence And Contact With Reality

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Mueller is Finished, So Democrats Fix Your Cities.

The Mueller appearance before Congress turned out to be an Epic Fail for Democrats. So now that they’ve seen their impeachment plans go up in smoke, what’s next? Perhaps Democrats should turn their attention to the cities they run, where thugs douse cops with water, and teenagers assault disabled kids.

Take, for example, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s New York City, where neighborhood punks doused members of the NYPD with water while on the beat. You probably saw the videos, or maybe not, since the media wanted us all to know how Mueller was about to take Trump down.

But while Mueller was stumbling over his words in Washington, DC, one of the perps turned himself in. Police arrested another man, and are still looking for three others.

As for Courtney Thompson, the man who turned himself in, this was not his first time at bat regarding run-ins with the police. He’s a member of a Crips group, the “Fresh Gangstas,” and he’s currently on probation for a 2015 robbery. On top of that, he also has 20 prior arrests.

But a community activist, Jerome Bolden, said that Thompson was just “having a little fun.” Besides that, he said Thompson was a “mentor” to younger neighborhood residents.

Some “mentor.”

Bolden gave excuses for Courtney Thompson:

“He started getting scared there was so much media attention. There was even a wanted poster about him. He didn’t think it would be that big but that’s why he turned himself in.”

And Thompson doused the police because, because . . . it was such a hot day! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

“It was super hot that day and people were just wetting each other. There was no violence. It wasn’t directed towards the police.”

Right. And bears don’t. . . well, you know.

Then there’s the attorney who said that Thompson “respects law and order,” and that he’s gone to school to become a dog behavior expert or something.

But cops in other cities are dealing with water attacks, too. The Sergeants Benevolent Association of the NYPD posted this on its Twitter page. I don’t know where this happened — I don’t think it’s in New York — but it shows yet more disrespect for the police.

There’s also this week’s incident in Chicago where a 15-year-old disabled girl went missing for five days. What happened to her during that interim was horrid; moreover, she may have been a victim of sexual assault. As a member of the Chicago Police Department said:

“The victim was discovered to be a victim of some sick and disgusting crimes. Due to the unique circumstances and the sensitive nature of these crimes involved, the interview process and the task of verifying the facts of this case is going to take some time. Remember, we are talking about a span of several days.” 

But this girl’s story gets even worse. During the time she went missing, a gang of teenage girls beat her up. Naturally, someone had a phone and recorded it all, complete with laughter while the victim screamed and reacted like a small child.


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