DEMOCRATS HATE IT WHEN TRUMP ACTS LIKE A DEMOCRAT: Trump’s ‘Political Masterstroke’ Leaves Press Scrambling to Apply Double Standard.

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via theepochtimes:

The Washington Post greeted this bold action with the headline: “Trump Attempts to Wrest Tax and Spending Powers Away from Congress.”

Hugh Hewitt got to the heart of the unintended comedy here when he noted that “When President Obama pioneered selective enforcement of law, media elites applauded. . . . The powers supporting the laws which President Obama suspended—the immigration and border laws—are as ‘fundamental, constitutionally mandated’ as the taxing and spending powers. It will be revealing to see which reporters/platforms attempt to distinguish between the powers. . . . If an editorial outlet condemns @realDonaldTrump action but was silent on the President Obama’s DACA and DAPA, they are engaging in rank hypocrisy.” Indeed.

Spoiler: They’re always engaging in rank hypocrisy.


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