Democrats hemorrhaging votes in ‘factory towns,’ report finds

Anew report concludes that Democrats lost more than 2 million votes this past decade in America’s “factory towns.”

The analysis, published by 21st Century Democrats, looked at 853 counties in 10 states — Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri — with small towns, removed from urban centers, built around manufacturing.

In total, about 40% of voters live in these “factory towns,” where, the report concludes, Democrats lost “major ground” that couldn’t be recouped by the party’s 2 to 1 gains in cities and surrounding suburbs.

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“This report shines a light on a huge political problem for Democrats, who have misjudged and failed to understand the needs of millions of voters,” said John Pouland, spokesperson for 21st Century Democrats..



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