DEMOCRATS in NY legislature call for IMPEACHMENT of Andrew Cuomo following nursing home scandal.

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via democratandchronicle:

ALBANY – Assemblyman Ron Kim says his wife was rattled for hours after he says he received a menacing phone call by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, fearing Cuomo would follow through on his purported threat to destroy Kim’s career because of his criticism of the state’s handling of nursing home deaths.

“We felt more than threatened to a point where my wife was shaking for over two hours,” Kim, a Democratic Queens lawmaker, told the USA TODAY Network New York on Saturday.

“She was yelling at me, blaming me for putting our family in jeopardy. There was no mincing of words for 10 minutes.”

Cuomo has vehemently disputed Kim’s assertions, going so far as to blast Kim last Wednesday for lacking credibility.

But the phone call gave Kim a larger platform— and a round on national television, including ABC’s The View — to continue his crusade against how Cuomo and his administration underreported the number of nursing home deaths in New York.

The issue has fueled calls of a coverup and created a level of backlash against the Democratic governor that is unprecedented in his 10 years in office.

Now, Kim said he will lead a push among his fellow Democratic Assembly members to pursue an impeachment trial over charges that Cuomo’s office purposefully for months held back the total number of nursing home deaths due to COVID-19.

He stopped short of saying he wants Cuomo removed from office. But he said an impeachment trial to get more facts should be contemplated, saying he continues to get calls from colleagues to pursue it.

“I will destroy you!” Cuomo screamed. The governor was so loud Kim’s wife & daughters grew upset. “You haven’t seen my wrath! I will go out tomorrow and start telling the world how bad of an Assembly member you are, and you will be finished!”


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