Democrats Now Actively Assisting Illegal Immigration, Campaign In Mexico

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Democrats Now Actively Assisting Illegal Immigration, Campaign In Mexico. Cory Booker accompanied illegal immigrants into the US recently. The story is a bit complicated, the women had previously been sent back to Mexico under the Migration Protection Policy and according to the Washington Examiner were seeking to bypass the law to gain entry to the US.

In what I would call an odd PR stunt Booker provided political and PR protection for the migrants as they entered the US.

Oddly, Beto O’Rourke was also campaigning in Mexico. He traveled there to meet asylum seekers recently.

Outside of Democrats campaigning in Mexico other odd instances are Democrats advising illegal immigrants on how to avoid federal authorities or in one instance a Judge being indicted for aiding in the escape of several illegal immigrants. The far left posturing will likely ensure Trumps landslide victory in 2020 as the New York Times says that this rhetoric is “making Americans feel like strangers in their own country”

Ocasio-Cortez for instance is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America who routinely advocate for open borders. It seems now that the rest of the Democrats are falling in line and tacitly agreeing with loose open borders policy.




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