Democrats really do despise their own voters.

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COLORADO: The Polis plan to make traffic even worse.

Your car pollutes the most in stop-and-go traffic. It pollutes least when cruising the highway at a consistent speed.

The solution to this pollution challenge is perfectly aligned with the solution to your anger with the car stuck in front of you — get that car moving again.

But thanks to a new progressive “green” law, signed by our “libertarian” governor and implemented by his transportation department and local government elites, the traffic around Colorado will by design get progressively and quickly worse.

This is governmental malfeasance. It should be criminal.

When your veins are bulging during your next parking-lot-on-the-highway moment, remember it’s not because we have too little money going to “transportation.” It’s that the money that should go to expand that highway went to a bike path or trolley car that statistically no one is using.

Like your biological bloodstream, without a healthy, free-flowing system of roads, we die. Colorado will die.

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