Democrats Run Out Of Presidential Candidates

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by Natura Naturans

Biden is in deep trouble over financial fraud and shaking down countries for money.

Sanders almost had a heart attack, now he has a couple of stents put in so he is likely out of the race.

All we have left is Fauxcahontus, and wall street warns they will back Trump if she is chosen candidate.

So who’s left? Batty Beto? Rant and rave Booker? Slept her way to the top Harris?

Of course there IS a Democrat who can win, and that’s Tulsi Gabbard. She is a populist Democrat with more conservative appeal. She could EASILY beat Trump if the Democrats weren’t joined at the hip with the military industrial complex. Tulsi is anti war. That’s about all we need to know about her really, she would win the presidency in a LANDSLIDE!


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