Democrats think they are so smart by releasing Joe Biden accusations early! CNN sets tone.

by TheTruthNeverLies 


Well youre not and we see through it.

1) Biden said he will not announce until end of april:
why so late if everyone thinks youre running anyways? Its to clean up the messy baggage.

2) Dems made her step forward to cover up his child molesting: By having one woman come forward from ONE OF MANY photos, they hope it will take distraction away from the others….and children photos

3)Obama working with biden quietly:
Its already been reported that Obama is working with 2020 candidates behind the scene. So of course hes coaching his ex vice president

4)Appealing to the #metoo crowd:
Yes, hes dong this FOR women votes. He even says “i do not recall this incident but all women need to be heard”. All while liberals on social media are defending him because trump said “grab them by their pussies”….except they never heard the full clip which is….”….and they let you do it” showing CONSENT, and this was how many years ago? But theyre still using it as an argument

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5) Apology tours for clean slates: Biden has been on an apology tour for months saying sorry for white men. So now he continues to apologize for his own actions hoping for a clean slate before running


6)Test run – This is also being done BEFORE he actually runs to see the reaction on both sides. If its even going to be worth it to them.

In the great words of obama, “make no mistake…” The next puppet is currently being groomed like clinton was. All the harris, bookers, and betos of the word will not win or be supported by obama. Not his clique. Just wait a few more months and you will see a pattern for the already chosen front runner.

CNN Has set the tone for everything i mentioned above:

Compilation of Joe Biden being Creepy


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