Democrats: Trump Must Surrender On Funding For A Border Wall To Avoid A Government Shutdown On His 100th Day In Office

By Michael Snyder
Is Donald Trump going to unconditionally surrender to the Democrats and completely give up his dream of building a border wall in order to avoid a government shutdown on his 100th day in office?  As I have warned before, the Democrats are perfectly willing to force a government shutdown if the Trump administration and the Republicans in Congress do not let them win all of the key battles in this funding bill fight.  It is being reported that the Trump administration wants 3 billion dollars for extra border security and for construction of a border wall, and the Democrats are insisting that they will keep any bill that includes money for a border wall from ever getting through Congress.  And of course the Democrats are also taking a very hard line on funding for Planned Parenthood, federal support for key Obamacare provisions, and resistance to increased defense spending.  If the Trump administration and enough establishment Republicans in Congress cave in to the outrageous demands of the Democrats, a government shutdown will be avoided.  If not, a government shutdown will begin on April 29th (Trump’s 100th day in office), and it could easily turn out to be the longest government shutdown in the history of the United States.
If Trump gives up on his border wall now, it is quite likely that he will never get it.
Emboldened by this success, the Democrats will simply threaten to block any new bill that contains funding for a border wall in the future.  At some point Trump is going to have to stand up for himself if he ever wants to see his number one campaign promise become a reality, and the longer he waits the less leverage he is going to have.
At this moment, the Trump administration appears to be taking a tough stance on border wall funding, and they have even offered a deal to the Democrats that would trade continued Obamacare payments to insurers for money for a border wall…

Mick Mulvaney, President Trump’s budget chief, said the wall is the administration’s “top priority” for the talks, adding they would support key ObamaCare payments to insurers if Democrats backed the border wall money.
“We’d offer them $1 of CSR payments for $1 of wall payments. Right now that’s the offer that we’ve given to our Democratic colleagues,” Mulvaney said during a Bloomberg Live interview, referring to the ObamaCare payments known as cost-sharing reduction (CSR).

In that same interview, Mulvaney added that “you cannot expect a president who just won [an] election to give up very easily on his highest priority.”
And I certainly agree with Mulvaney.  The border wall was the number one issue that Trump campaigned on, and if he unconditionally surrenders to the Democrats on this issue without much of a fight, it will essentially be the neutering of his entire presidency.
The Democrats seem to know what is at stake, and they are digging in for war.  At this point they are completely united in their stance that there will not be a single penny for a border wall.  The following comes from CNS News

Sen. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that President Trump should not expect Congress to give him any money to fund his “outlandish” border wall.
Trump has requested $1.4 billion to get the wall started in the current fiscal year, which runs through September, but Durbin on Sunday called it a political stunt and a poison pill:
“I hope the president will back off,” Durbin said.

So will either side back down by Friday?
I don’t think so, and that means that a government shutdown is coming.
Of course there is talk that Congress could pass a one week or two week extension to give negotiations more time, but that would just delay the inevitable.
And it isn’t just the border wall that is a sticking point.  Other issues such as funding for Planned Parenthood and increased spending for national defense could potentially derail any deal.  The following comes from Business Insider

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Thomas Block, a Washington policy analyst at Fundstrat, described the problem in a note to clients on Monday:
“In the House, there is a group consisting of Tea Party and Freedom Caucus Republicans who believe that almost any spending bill is too large for them to support. Therefore, Speaker Ryan is likely going to need some Democratic support to get a bill passed. The problem is that no Democrats will support a bill that contains the president’s stated priorities.
“Furthermore, many Republicans want to use the spending bill to stop all funding for Planned Parenthood, a clear poison pill as far as most Democrats are concerned.”

In order for the public to have three days to examine any bill before a vote happens, a spending bill is going to have to be unveiled in the House by Wednesday at the latest in order to meet the deadline.
Is that going to happen?
I doubt it, but it is always possible.
But even if a bill gets through the House, that doesn’t mean that the Senate will be on board with it, and unless that bill contains funding for a border wall Trump may not sign it.
So what specifically would happen during a government shutdown?  The following is a good summary from Zero Hedge

  1. Details of which government functions stop are determined by the Office of Management and Budget.
  2. If it looks like a shutdown will occur, White House budget office works with federal agencies to determine which federal functions and employees are “essential” or “excepted.” The White House has latitude in how broadly it defines “excepted.”
  3. Agencies and services considered non-essential close. Federal workers will be furloughed without pay. The Federal Government employs over 4-million individuals, so this can be hundreds of thousands of workers affected. Congress may decide after the shutdown to pay them for the time off. Financial disruption is one concern.
  4. “Emergency personnel” continue to be employed, including the active duty military, federal law enforcement agents, doctors and nurses working in federal hospitals, and air traffic controllers. For the Department of Defense, at least half of the civilian workforce, and the full-time, dual-status military technicians in the US National Guard and traditional Guardsmen (those on Title 32 status) are furloughed without pay. Members of Congress continue to be paid, because their pay cannot be altered except by direct law.

Congress is only going to be back in session for two weeks before another extended 10 day vacation begins on May 5th.
That means that the clock is ticking, and at this point a deal does not seem close.
Personally, I am fully convinced that the Democrats are more than willing to allow a government shutdown to happen, because they believe that it will damage the Republicans far more than it will damage them.
So they are not going to move from their demands, and that means that either Trump is going to have to give up his dream of a border wall or there will be a government shutdown on his 100th day in office.


18 thoughts on “Democrats: Trump Must Surrender On Funding For A Border Wall To Avoid A Government Shutdown On His 100th Day In Office”

  1. If Trump is legitimate, he would authorize the cement/construction companies to use the bodies of every last traitor – enemy alien fifth columnist – criminal – illegal alien, etc. in the making of the cement for building the wall. The American federal government and most state governments would have to start over from scratch.

    • Oh Belinda,
      How Stalinist of you!
      There are roads in Russia and Siberia literally filled
      with the bones of the political dissident Slave Laborers
      that built said roads.
      Ohhh, I do find your “Final Solution” to Wall Construction
      to Be So Communist, Fascist, and don’t forget “Democratic”.
      Many Russians still admire Stalin today. Maybe taking a
      Page from Stalin’s Game-book wouldn’t effect Trump’s
      long-term standing in the hearts and minds of those with
      true understanding.
      (In case anyone wonders about my peculiar opinions,
      I am outside, looking in, and it is truly a strange sight
      to behold.)

    • I can build “The WALL” for free ….. and it will be obsolete before it is finished:
      (1) Every illegal arrested inside the USA will be put to work at manual labor on “The WALL”.
      (2) Anyone who hires illegals will forfeit all their assets to pay for materials for “The WALL”
      (3) Laborers on “The WALL” can escape by running South, but will be SHOT if they run North.

  2. President Trump: I was mandated to build the wall from a landslide victory, from the American people. The people that did not vote for me are going to shutdown the government because they out-n-out lost, fielding the worst possible candidate you can shove down our throats.. This should finally bury the Democrats. Trump should hold fast. Almost checkmate against the Democrats.
    Besides, funding was already alotted for building the wall. What gives here?
    Trump needs to really start indicting people right now. The bad ones are bad, and need to go. He needs to start kickin-ass. Now…

    • Easy for you to say. You need to seriously educate your mind. Trump isn’t a lifelong dictator and that’s exactly who you’re making him out to be.

  3. hopefully these sort of things will escalate one day into full civil war with both sides getting their hands on the nukes USA has all over the place and blow yourselves into oblivion.

    • Please Faris,
      Please don’t think such things, even if the thoughts
      are quite understandable, and easy to defend.
      Take the High Road. Travelling Alone will leave you
      time with silence for contemplation and meditation. 😉

      • Your people haven’t been visited by these scum obviously. The Amerikan gift of DU (depleted uranium) is deforming new-borns en.mass. And will continue to do so for at least another 250,000 years. May plagues and catastrophies rain down upon them. And may they descend into uncivilized civil war where they kill and maim each other without a care until they are decimated completely and totally. Ameen.

        • My family sailed to America with William Penn. (1682 or so).
          My home is in Europe for many years now.
          I understand your comments more than you realize, and while
          I answered you half humorously, it wasn’t as an insult. I can
          only explain it a little different maybe, Leave the Judgement
          Business to God. He will handle it correctly. What is most
          likely coming should leave no healthy person overjoyed.
          This whole Border Wall is nothing more than another Childish
          Diversion. Wherever you live Faris, if you discuss war with a
          Christian who Loves War, ask them to explain their love of War
          and Murder using only the words of Jesus.
          (P.S. my wife is Thai, and she told me that the Buddhist Astrologers
          are saying that horrible judgement is coming for all of the innocent
          Blood that has shed by the US.)

  4. Politicians blocking “The Wall” are active and willing accomplices to the Opiod Epidemic and the murderous drug Gangs feeding it. They do not care about the Human cost of Opiod addiction, no matter what words they mouth.

  5. Americans, YOU are paying to build a 25 foot tall WALL all around Israel ……. but if You ask for a wall to protect your Families from ILLEGALS you are told you are a RACIST BIGOT By GUESS WHO —– Jewish directed LIBERALS like Fraken, Schumer, Schiff, Pelosi
    Why are OUR taxes paying for fences, locks, guns and guards for people who tell us we are RACIST BIGOTS if we want fences, locks, guns and guards to protect OUR Families? Where is YOUR personal security detail? Why are American Taxpayers funding 24/7 Secret Service bodyguards and High Tech fencing for people who tell us fences are proof of Our BIGOTRY and HATE, and WE should allow anyone at all into our home? “Our” politicians dare call us RACIST and BIGOTS for wanting to protect Our Families …. as they hide behind multi layers of security. Save American Taxpayers Hundred$ of Million$. Halt all Taxpayer funding of security to those who preach National Border Security is useless and UNAmerican. Make them WALK their TALK, tear down fences WE paid for, take the guards and locks WE pay for from their doors. They should not be allowed security when WE are NOT.

  6. Build it for FREE: End all the insane wars, make the soldiers build the wall (isn’t defending our country’s borders their real job?), and use all the money saved by not using bombs, military jet fuel etc. to pay for the building material. Less than a week of getting out of war should pay for it all.


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