Dems Big Solution to the Spike in Violence: ‘Universal Background Checks’

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One of the biggest lies we are being fed right now by politicians, mainly on the Left, is that gun control will solve the rash of violence we are witnessing across the country in major cities.

To give you just two examples of the increase in the carnage, in July alone, shootings were up 177% in New York City and 75% in Chicago from last year. Murders also jumped 59% in the Big Apple and 139% in the Windy City.

While criminologists, economists, and data analyst are hesitant to point to one specific cause due to perfect storm of factors — COVID-19, the early release of prisoners from jail to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, George Floyd riots, resolutions to “defund the police” that cut law enforcement manpower and budgets — Democratic lawmakers firmly believe they know exactly how to blunt the spike.

Universal background checks! Or, as they also call it, closing the “gun show loophole.”

“If President Trump truly wants to go after violence in our country he should call Mitch McConnell right now and ask for a sensible vote on universal background checks,” said Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill) in an interview on Fox News Sunday. “That is, let’s get rid of the gun show loophole.”

It’s hard to overstate how stupid that is both from a common-sense perspective and from the actual data on how criminals get their guns.

To start with the latter, the DOJ’s 2016 Survey of Prison Inmates (SPI) found that the vast majority (about 98.8 percent) of state and federal prisoners obtained their firearms using methods that would NOT be thwarted by criminalizing the private sale or transfer of firearms.


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