Dems Made it Up Again, Impeachment Desperation, Economic Crash

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It looks like the Democrat Party is fabricating another hoax to try, once again, to remove President Donald Trump from office, or at least hurt his chances for a second term. The Deep State and Democrats have teamed up with a “partisan” so-called whistleblower that has concocted a report with no real firsthand knowledge of a crime during a phone call to the new President of Ukraine. The DOJ said the President has committed no crime. On top of that, connections to Democrats abound that the whole thing is another hoax in an attempt to frame the President for something he did not do, which is to ask for an investigation into Joe Biden for alleged corruption in Ukraine. According to new information, it looks like the Ukrainians were already investigating what happened in 2016 in terms of election meddling and corruption, but it is the Democrats who are in the crosshairs.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she is going full steam ahead for an impeachment of President Trump. She says the President “broke his oath of office,” but is that really true or is this a political play for the 2020 election? Many on the Right say there is no case for impeachment and no laws were broken. This appears to be a desperate play by Democrats ahead of 2020 for an election they think they cannot win. The other reason Dems are desperate is that the hammer of justice looks like it could be falling for the last hoax and failed coup concocted by Democrats and propelled by the propaganda mainstream media.


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