Dems NOT Going To Be Happy With What AZ Audit Found

On Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast Saturday, he said, “Audits are going to show ‘Very Quickly’ Biden did not win election,” and proved why.

Fight over discovery erupts in 2020 election fraud lawsuit in Michigan’s Antrim County
However, the judge stressed his ruling was “not saying there there were no problems” in how Antrim County conducted the 2020 election.

“The clerk has admitted that there were challenges and problems in the elections, although the hand count ultimately of the presidential election showed the results were largely consistent with the canvas totals that were entered by the state and reported by the county. Nor am I saying that the processing of election data here wasn’t corrupted or corruptible. I don’t have the facts to make that determination,” he added.

In a livestream with supporters after the hearing, Bailey said an appeal is “definitely” happening but noted “another option” was under consideration. He also said there is “incredible new evidence” of fraud and predicted the judge “will see it” at some point.

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DePerno echoed that message in a press release posted to his website last week. “We have new and exciting evidence ready to be disclosed and will schedule its release as time permits,” he said.

Arizona is one of just two states in the United States that requires proof of citizenship when registering to vote. The loophole, the Federal Only ballot, which voters may use instead, does not require this documentation. Instead, voters are limited to federal races.

On Saturday night Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend shared the following message to her Telegram page:

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