Gov DeSantis (FL) Introduces Legislation to Hold People Accountable for Violent Rioting & Looting, To Include RICO Liability for Funders of Violence

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I am so glad I live in Florida.

Still going to prep but I feel alot easier now that I heard this~

He will use the Rico act.

He said that if someone gets arrested that they will stay there and not be let out like a carousel as he has seen happen in other cities.

If any jurisdiction in the state decided to not do thier duty to protect the citizens that the people will be able to sue that area.

People will be able to eat in peace and not be yelled and screamed at.

Judd Grady said that if you loot you will go to jail. He’s a damn good sheriff.

If antagonists come in from other states to try to cause trouble. They will be dealt with and DeSantis said he will be hunting down organizers.

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