Despite Public Health Experts’ Warnings and Opposition, EPA Approves Experimental Release of Billions More Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

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American opposition to controversial genetically modified mosquitoes being released in their communities is not new (see 1, 2).

Nevertheless, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the release of billions more in California and Florida.  Will your state be next?

They don’t give a crap of what the concerned experts have to say.

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We’ll do what we want and you’ll be happy.

This information is right down spooky and feels very evil and dark.

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The next plandemic?

Is this what Billy was talking about?

Additionally, research has determined that mosquitoes are more likely to spread malaria when exposed to Roundup weedkiller ingredient, glysophate. 

Seems like a good time for all Americans to stock up on mosquito repellant.


h/t Patagonians


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