DESTRUCTIVE PARTISANSHIP: White House warned Dems gunning for ‘anything and everything Trump.’

via washingtonexaminer:

A House ally of President Trump and a former powerful chairman is warning the White House that Democrats are gunning for “anything and everything Trump.”

Oregon Republican Rep. Greg Walden, the past chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, said that the new Democratic majority is teeing up several investigations that could last years.

“I fully anticipate the Democrats will devote enormous resources to investigating anything and everything Trump,” he told the moderate Republican Ripon Society at a Washington gathering.

“In this case, they now have the subpoena authority to back up their efforts. But these investigations can drag on for years, and the administrations of both parties know how to batten down the hatches and slow-walk responses to requests, demands, and subpoenas,” he added in comments provided to Washington Secrets.

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Walden, who spoke Thursday before the new Congress was sworn in, said it is possible that Democrats, with 63 new members, will overreach in trying to satisfy their anti-Trump base.

“Look, bold, new majorities overreach. We did, and they will. This is especially true in wave years like 2018, with 63 — I think it is — new Democrats. They will definitely have this problem, especially with the progressive-socialist wing of their party. They’ll have to satisfy their hardcore base. So what does that mean? It means that they have to take quick action on things like Net Neutrality, the Green New Deal, and Medicare for all, or their base will go into complete meltdown,” Walden explained.

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And that, he added, could help Republicans in the next election in 2020.