Deutsche Bank €43 Trillion Derivatives Are UNRAVELING! New “Bad Bank” Being Created

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Do you think that Deutsche Bank will need a bailout at some point? If so, by what mechanism will they be propped up?

One of the biggest corporations in the world based on the sheer quantity of derivatives they hold is Deutsche Bank. In the event that their stock began to sink and the company’s performance started to slow down, it would put everything at risk. Germany could never bail out this bank because it’s bigger than all of Europe. The ECB couldn’t do it either without causing a hyperinflation. Isn’t it interesting that their stock is near record low and their performance is sinking faster than their stock? What will they do?


DBK.DE 6.03 -0.08 -1.25% : DEUTSCHE BANK AG NA O.N. – Yahoo Finance

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Deutsche Bank to set up 50 billion euro bad bank: FT – Reuters

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